For centuries the Schipperke has been the faithful companion and watchdog of men and women who held the dog priceless -- a precious addition to their families.  

The little black dog originated in the Flemish province of Belgium , served as a companion and guard dog for tradesman, then becoming better known as a guard dog on the barges that plied trade up and down the canals. Schipperke literally means "little captain".

In appearance, the Schipperke is distinctive -- all black, close fitting undercoat, harsh jacket for outer coat. It sheds water and soil and requires only an occasional brushing. A lovely ruff frames a fox-like face, while a pair of culottes bring up the rear.

The Schipperkes are intelligent, inquisitive little dogs, at home anywhere, completely devoted to you and your family, somewhat suspicious of strangers, protective of those they love.

Sandevel Schipperkes are carefully bred, socialized, and trained as puppies to give you the GREATEST little companion in the world.

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Meet Our Schipperkes
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